About Chase Grace

noun • /grās/  courteous goodwill

Hi! I'm Jenna & I'm so happy you're here. This is a fun side-gig for me. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with shopping. I am constantly looking for clothes, jewelry, & other goodies. Since I'm recently a new mom (yay!), I'm only posting four times a year now - seasonal posts. I will post boutique items that other people in the U.S. (mostly) make - most support social good and are women owned. Women supporting women - and a few men too! I like to post the brand's story so you can read what they are all about & their mission. The posts will be on Sunday and they are only up for 12 hours. I usually do giveaways and offer discounts - so check my Facebook page. Happy Shopping!

Have a question? Email me at chasegraceboutique@gmail.com or message me through this website!